About me

Nitesh Patel is Technopreneur, who loves Blockchain, AI, Big Data and IoT and use them every day to create behavioral e-commerce strategy.
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A bit about him in his own words..

I Started my career as a software enginneer working for Infosys Technology Limited for almost 6 months, but resigned soon to Do my masters degree in US but ended up with my first Startup iMedia Designs.

Did my best job ever, created unique Web presence for my clients in iMedia, worked on several web apps, Facebook apps and Mobile application but lagged the thrill which i had in bachelors wanted to do something creative which i was not able to feel anymore in iMedia so i decided to pursue my Masters in image processing & database engineering again and thus joined the  Concordia University , Montreal ,

concordia university by Nitesh patel 1024x765 About me

after coming i here i met some Awesome people… to be continued..