eCommerce overview June 2015

The month of june was quite interesting in many ways, Let me start with my experience with one of the startups in montreal i worked in eCommerce space.

So these guys contacted us for ecommerce consulting on their business in montreal which was a new startup but struggling for last one and half year. Their startup idea was to create an online portal for listing all outdoor activities in one place and that should be filterable with location, type of activity or level of activity ( they called it Adrenaline level).

So after looking at their MVP which was good in terms of some necessary backend functionality, i did a complete analysis from their business point of view what minimum they would need to launch and survive this season but there was a lot of challenges. I have listed most of them here


1. Design was breaking on many pages so failed in terms of user experience

2. Responsive was really messed up so failed in terms of  capturing users on mobile devices

3. As the site was launching first in Montreal so had to be bilingual but besides having the functionality most of the pages were throwing 404 or return to home page after changing language

4. Most of all they were suppose to do online transactions and the checkout process was horrible and looked very untrustworthy.
Having trust issues and user experience issues on an eCommerce site is a strict no no. So I suggested them to solve all these problems as a result of my analysis. 

The development company they were using overseas came up with a big deadline and cost which we were not sure that job will be done perfectly so we choose not to go ahead with them and suggested that we could do the same website with magento In the same cost and same user experience within deadline. All of that because of my passion towards that startup and those hardworking individuals.


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