Friends… Life @ INFYOSYS By Manuj

Some lines written about our group INFY 7 Manuj the guy i met on 6 Dec and becameΒ  very good friends still now.

Hey guys, one year has passed since we first met here at Infy and this one goes to our group.. Cheers.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Time passes away too fast, but it’s a journey that never ends,
Mridul sir (Gurukul) and me were on our way to infy..
On the train journey..
and looking forward to meeting new friends..
First we met Jharna, travelling along with us,
she had a cute dimple, and a smile on her face..
Never knew that we’ll become best friends,
and in each other’s life, we’ll hold an important place..
It was bye bye Delhi [North India :(],
the train was on its full gears..
Then next day came Laaloo,
with his irritating behaviour and famous dirty stares.. πŸ˜›
We reached Bangalore and i had to find my internet buddy,
his name was Rohin, and we had become good friends already..
Rohin’s cool phtograph on FB contradicted the bitter realities,
then we further moved to mysore and the tidious joining formalites..
Then met another friend, Nitesh Patel,
he was funny and friendly with his never ending technology tales..:P
We got into our rooms, yeah they were awesome,
we were enjoying a lot, and our hopes further blossomed..
Then we interacted, with two more guys,
we shared with them, a few hello’s and hi’s..
One was Shashwath Rao (north – south perfect mix :P), a good looking dude,
the other came with a dialogue, “Hi I Am Pramukh” showing up like a nerd..
My another college mate came, the shy Prabhat Bhalla,
a big fan of Shahid Kapur, he’s a smart dashing chhalla..
So everything was set and the place seemed to be heaven,
then we all got together and evolved so called INFY 7.. (Laloo not included here, Mind It :P)
Then the induction, the tea breaks, and checking out the chicks,
we all were enjoying a lot and and clicking beautiful campus pics..
Then started the bloody training, and v got divided in different classes,
everything was new, the CS and NCS batches..
We then met some new friends, and got too close,
Ah it was too good, and it was fun of course..
Prashant, The Inspector, with his peculiar style of walking,
playing cards at Nitesh’s room, and the guard came in barking.. πŸ˜›
Mridul was always busy in the GEC, ah he’s a GEEK,
Neeraj, The Gentleman, famous for his word FREAK..
The game of CANESTA, and yeah we got addicted,
enjoying all over the month and the salary day long awaited..
Prachi’s silly jingles, and Pranita’s baby walk,
then began the stream training, and those net messenger talks..
Sitting at the last bench, playing games in the sessions,
Marking proxies for one another and also the Compre tensions..
The late night CCD food, after coming back from Global Education Center,
tired as always, it were our hostel rooms we badly wanted to enter..
Shash and me, playing lawn tennis in post,
that was the place were we enjoyed spending time the most..
Always calling rohin along, and calling him cool guy,
we two only played and Rohin landed up helping like the ball boy..:P πŸ˜›
Then Nitesh left infy, and so did rohin,
our training also ended and everyone seemed going..
Now an year has passed, since we all first met,
we have sweet memories to cherish and nothing to regret.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Ah, those were awesome days, that i am always gonna miss,
But we’ll be friends forever, and that’s a PROMISE..

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