Blogging An imp Page of my life…

nitesh patel 1 300x244 Blogging An imp Page of my life...

Hi guys this is my first post on my personal blog after which i had deleted it because that was no more personal blog. As being a B.Tech student i supposed to be always connected with technology so connected with growing most powerful tool of internet and that is BLOG.

When i was in 2nd year of my i started my blog on blogspot but doesn’t understand its value so it was like a blank paper for a long time then i began throwing any article from anywhere on it so it became a blog mixture thats why to clear up this mesh i deleted it. after some time when i again got in touch with some bloggers then i started my blog at ( and this time i have a reason for this i wanted to buildup my identity on internet and want to become the first result when any one seacrh for Nitesh Patel at Google but there are many Nitesh Patel on internet and more skillfull than me so i didn’t get it then i think i will make my identity Nitesh+technocrat as Ntechnocrat on internet and start doing that after continuously writing for a very few days (around 5 to 6 ) i find that the tool blogging is very interesting and also a moneymaking tool too (by advertisement) a start getting traffic on my wordpress blog and i was happy because if you find someone reading you and commenting then its quite interesting .

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After some days when my college senior Honey Singh ( who is a very good blogger, suggested me that i should work on my own domain because i can grow even more if i write on my own domain blog so at that day i went to him and setup my own domain get wordpress installed all this was done very quickly but the most problematic thing was the domain name i took a whole night to think a good domain name and i finally came out with . This was my first dot(.)com domain and i started my blogging journey its exactly 2 month from today. Now as i write about technology, social media, internet tools and computer tips i learned one thing as much i write as much i improve if any of article of any blogger allure you its only his writing style. i write to ameliorate my blogging skill and to provide people a plethora of technical knowledge that i have.

At this time i work on with my college senior Himanshu Yadav who is a very good writer and in few months we are planinng to launch a series of blogs.

Delhi NCR IndiBlogger meet 09 300x198 Blogging An imp Page of my life...

Only one thing i know today that Blogging is very powerful tool in today’s world and “We blog therefore we are” (indiblogger team)

If you are reading my post and want to start a blog either on wordpress, blogspot or you own domain i will be always there for any kind of help related to blogging .you can write me at or


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